There have been a number of scare stories in the past, remember the millennium bug which promised to bring down every computer in the world, but this one seems far more plausible.

The notification came through the FBI in the USA and has the potential to bring down the entire internet.  This would dwarf any attempts so far to disrupt business worldwide.

This bug affects only Windows and Mac machines (at the moment) Linux, android and IOS are ok.  Essentially this Trojan infects machines and alters the way that computers resolve internet addresses.

When you type in a web address  for example  DNS servers  look up the internet reference, in this case it resolves it to 92-15-193-76  and connects the user to our web-site.  The bug changes the way this is done and directs the user to a criminals web site.  It may be that the site looks similar to the original and in the case of financial institutions will prompt the user for username and password.  The bug also disables antivirus and anti malware software so that the user is pretty defenceless.

The FBI have arrested a number of the criminals (Six Estonian Nationals) already and have used their own resources to set up web addresses that the criminals have used.

Will this affect me?  There is a way to test your own system to see if it is infected.

Type in If your machine is OK then it will show a green background; if not it will be red.

The one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the date on which this will all happen;

Let us hope that it was all a hyped up issue and the date passes without incident. I am  prepared – are you?

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