There are many management systems that companies are employing such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, Information Security Management, Food Safety Management, IT Service Management, Health and Safety etc. Usually each requires a set of manuals and forms to satisfy the requirements of each standard.

The modern approach is to use an integrated approach and employ one manual, one set of procedures and when it all works, one formal assessment by an Accredited Certification body. This approach reduces paperwork, reduces the number and complexity of internal audits and the inevitable disruption that these audits generate.

Companies that have adopted the integrated approach have seen a significant benefit to their organisations.

The usual integrations are:

  • quality ISO9001 + environmental ISO14001
  • quality ISO9001 + Health and Safety 18001 + environmental ISO14001
  • quality ISO9001 + Information Security IS027001
  • quality ISO9001 + IT Service Management (ISO20000)
  • quality ISO9001 + Food Safety Management ISO22000

It is clear that quality management is the base standard and others are integrated with it.

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