ISO9001:2008, The most recognisable standard. This is a Quality Management Standard and addresses best practice for all processes within a business, be it small, medium or large. This is often an entry point to many tenders. Without 9001 you may not get past the starting gate;

Due to be updated and re-issued in 2015

ISO14001:2004, The Environmental Management Standard. This standard is used to show that you are protecting the environment, as well as saving money, by using practices that ensure your aspects (anything that interacts with the environment) are as kind to the planet as possible. You should be able to demonstrate that you take care not to pollute and use energy as efficiently as possible. This is often the second entry point to tenders and contracts that specify environmental protection as a requirement;

Due to be updated and re-issued in 2014

ISO27001:2005, The Information Security Management Standard. This standard is fast becoming the standard that companies are seeking. Those holding data or information that requires protection can show that the systems in place can ensure data is confidential, integrity is protected and available to authorised users;

Due to be updated and re-issued towards the end of 2013

We will endeavour to update our readers as these changes become clear. 

ISO9001 redraft is at the very early committee stage and some of the proposed changes could make the update relatively unworkable to smaller companies, however it may change considerably before publication.

ISO14001 redraft is a bit further along but still has a long way to go before publication.  The latest draft does have some merits and has brought environmental management up to date.

ISO27001 redraft is at the draft for public comment.  This draft cannot be considered final. It has become clear that the committee has received a vast number of comments and the final draft will reflect some of these comments.  We shall see.

Each of these standards will have a transition period where new applicants can choose to apply the existing standard or the new one.

Eventually though all users will have to update their systems to meet the revised standards.   Once these are known we will report them on this blog.

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