Last week I travelled to one of my clients in Kent; then traffic was awful and my sat nav took me on a slightly different route.  There was still a good deal of delay and at one point we sat in a queue for some ten minutes, then lorry in front of me suddenly reversed striking my car on the bonnet.  He lorry driver apologised and gave me details of his insurance, registration number etc.  Now I had a damaged car and was very late for my appointment. I was also very irritated that this unnecessary incident had happened.

Could I have prevented it? I don’t think so.  Should I have ignored my sat nav and used my usual route?  Again I don’t think it would have been sensible. 

I was going to my client to initiate some risk assessments for their emerging Information Security Management System ISO27001 and it struck me that the data I had concerning the other driver, the accident, his vehicle, his employer and insurance company details were governed by the Data Protection Act and this information would be held by me temporarily but then dealt with by his insurers, my insurers, the repair garage and if there had been any injuries, which fortunately there were none, by Solicitors.  All this information would be held on databases and would be available to a great many organisations.  No wonder I thought about a risk assessment covering all of this, albeit in retrospect.

I  hope to get my car back soon.

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