The current bad weather has identified a number of omissions  in company Business Continuity Plans. These plans usually concentrate on fire, flood, utility interruption and health scares.  This year it should also include snow and ice. 

Now is the time to review Business Continuity and Disaster recovery plans.

Some elements are:

  • What to do if staff are unable to get in to work;
  • What to do if deliveries cannot be made;
  • What to do if incoming goods cannot be delivered;
  • Purchase rock salt or ice melting products;
  • Check heating, purchase heating oil supplies if appropriate;
  • Ensure that company vehicles are ready to meet the winter;
  • Tyres are correctly inflated;
    • Tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread;
    • Antifreeze is at the correct level;
    • Windscreen washer filled with screen wash solution and not just plain water;
    • Screen scraper and de-icer kept in the vehicle.
  • Computer systems  checked and updated as necessary
  • Uninterruptable power supplies tested and batteries replaced as necessary;

These are just some of the precautions which will make life a little easier until the Spring arrives.

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