ISO 20000-1 Information Technology Service Management

With increasing reliance on IT it is clear that only organisations able to control and supply this vital service are meet the stringent requirements of the 21st century.

Total IT service management covers:

  • Planning of the IT service
  • Service management objectives
  • Support of the service management
  • Operation of the service management, planning & control
  • Service portfolio
  • Relationship and agreements
  • Supply and demand
  • Service design , build, transition & delivery
  • Resolution and fulfillment
  • Service assurance
  • Information security
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • Internal audits
  • Management reviews
  • Service reporting
  • Non-conformity and corrective actions
  • Continual improvement

As well as Document controls, risks and opportunities etc from 9001

Accreditation of Certification Bodies (CB’s) in the UK is carried out by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) UKAS is the sole accreditor in the UK.

We can help you set up an IT service management system and get you ready for assessment and follow up as required with advice and audits.