ISO 14001 Environmental Management

The impacts of global warning and environmental damage caused by the disposal of plastics is causing increasing worry around the world.

IS0 14001 is a Model for environmental management systems. It specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that can help an organisation enhance its environmental performance protect the environment and prevent pollution.

The standard, issued in 1996, was revised in 2004 and again updated in 2015 to complement ISO 9001:2015. It follows the Hi Level – Annex SL format.

Formal assessment of an organisation’s environmental management system is carried out by an independent and accredited third-party certification body. If all the requirements are met, a certificate of conformity is issued. Regular surveillance visits are carried out, subsequently, to ensure that the standard is being maintained.

Accreditation of Certification Bodies (CB’s) in the UK is carried out by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) UKAS is the sole accreditor in the UK.

We can help you set up an environmental management system and get you ready for assessment.