A big fanfare from Microsoft and Windows 10 is out.  A general view is that it is better than Windows 8 and 8.1 but hasn’t got much on Windows 7.  We use the Ultimate version so have had the handy bitlockler.  Windows 10 has this as standard.

No doubt there will be some teething problems with installation and initial working and this is where the scammers are taking advantage.  This morning I received a call from an Indian sounding woman who told me that my computer was infected with a virus as a result of the new windows installation and as a windows certified engineer she could help me to clean my computer.  She offered to give me my windows licence number to validate the authenticity of the call.  All I needed to do was to give her remote access and she would do the rest.  Fat chance!!!

I told her that this company specialises in ISO 27001 the Information Security Management Standard and that we do not respond to scam calls.   Not deterred by this she  carried on reading from her script.  Our on site IT team would not be able to detect the problem and only she could fix it.

I terminated the call.

The number she supposedly called from 020 3701 9260  does not ring out and is “unrecognised”
Under no circumstances should you ever give remote access to a cold caller and if in doubt offer to call them back on a different phone and to a recognised number.

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