The Quality Matters website has been very successful for many years but is now in need of a facelift.

Debbie Harrison of DVH Design is beavering away at the redesign and my brief to her was to give it a modern look with eye catching qualities. Debbie did our original website back in the day and then carries out SEO each month; a service we value.

The template is being worked on now and I hope to see some preliminary results shortly.

Any company website is a shop window and an information portal. It is vital that the search engines pick them up and index the various pages. There are essential elements that are required for the likes of Google to index the pages. Get this wrong and the impact on the internet could be lost.

Our main service is of course consultancy in the major management standards with the aerospace standards AS9100 and AS9120 together with the civilian counterpart ISO 9001. We also cover the environmental standard ISO 14001 as well as Information security ISO 27001. The Health and Safety standard ISO 45001 and Medical devices ISO 13485 and other major standards make up our portfolio.

In addition, we provide training in Internal auditing both as a public course and a bespoke offering.

Watch this space for our new website in due course.

The Christmas break is over and we are all ready to face the new year.

The future as regards Brexit seems to be decided with our exit now taking place on 31 January 2020 with the transition period due to end in December 2020. The uncertainty over the last three years is now at an end and we can all plan for the future. No doubt there will be some bumps in the road, as stated by the Queen in her Christmas message but the signs in business confidence are reasonably high.

We are now in our 29th year and our experience, expertise and client care remain our top priority.

Our services which are still available are:

  • Consultancy and audits of systems in AS 9100, AS 9120 (aircraft, space, & defence);
  • Consultancy and audits of systems in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001;
  • Consultancy and audits of systems in ISO 27001 (Information Security);
  • Consultancy and audits of systems in ISO20000 (IT service management);
  • Consultancy and audits of systems in ISO 13485 (Medical Devices);
  • Consultancy and audits of systems in ATEX (Explosive atmospheres);
  • Consultancy and audits of systems in ISO 22000 (Food safety).
  • We also carry our system audits of your management standards,

Please contact us for a quotation or simply for advice. 01621 857841

Or email us at

Or through our website

This will be our final blog for 2019. Our offices will be closed from midday on Friday 20 December and will reopen on 6th January 2020 Our email will be monitored but may take longer for us to respond during this period.

This year has been unsettling for everyone with the uncertainty over BREXIT and companies delaying investment until our status within the EU was clearer. This has also meant a contraction in the economy and nervousness from our European neighbours.

Now that the General Election result is known and that the Government will be able to guarantee our exit from the EU, we can all make plans for 2020.

We wish our Clients, Suppliers and readers of our blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

2019 year end and onwards and upwards to 2020.

The demand for quality management systems has increased recently, perhaps due to the double dip recession making efficiency savings more important, or simply that business owners want to gain access to markets where certification to ISO 9001 is an entry requirement; whatever the reason it makes good sense to follow good business practices as laid down in ISO9001.

BS EN ISO 9001:2008  requires 5 main sections to be addressed, these are: 

  1. Quality Management System;
  2. Management Responsibility;
  3. Resource Management;
  4. Product Realisation;
  5. Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

Each section is subdivided as required and covers all elements of the business having an impact on quality.

Here is the quality model contained in the Standard:

Put simply it requires you to turn customer requirements into customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements,  Sounds simple,  and so it is. We all want our customers to be happy with the products or services we have provided.  In this way those satisfied customers tell others and this reputation for quality is a vital asset.

We at Quality Matters work hard at our reputation, which goes back to 1991. We are delighted that our very first customer still uses our services and has recommended our services to others again and again.

Consultancy is our main service and our emphasis on success is enviable. In fact we guarantee a successful outcome to all our consultancy assignments.

Our internal audit courses held twice each year also attract both new and old customers.  They tell us that our courses are both interesting and informative, without being dry.  They also say the courses are very cost effective.

The official blog for independent Management Training
Consultancy, Quality Matters Limited.

Quality Matters was formed in 1991 and has been providing consultancy services in ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO14001 Environmental Management), and ISO27001 (Information Security Management as well as BS OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management) as well as other less well known management standards  The company is proud to say that ALL the Quality Matters Clients’ going  forward for Certification to these standards passed the formal assessment, and at the first attempt.  This 100% result is jealously guarded.

In addition to consultancy, Quality Matters runs a twice yearly public Internal quality/environmental audit course.  A bespoke  audit course is also available to Clients wishing to have a course on their own premises.

Eighteen years in business and still going strong;  If you ask some of our hundreds of Clients  they will tell you that our service is excellent (according to our customer satisfaction feedback) and they would recommend our service to others.  In fact many have done so.

In order to provide this level of service we undertake regular training to keep abreast of the changes that take place.  We carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as the Statutory Insurances to protect our Clients. 

Chris Eden is a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consulting and was a former Treasurer of the Institute of Business Advisers in the East of England before it merged with the Institute of Management Consultants to become the Institute of Business Consulting.

As an aside Chris is an ab initio (Latin: from the beginning) glider pilot, as regular blog readers will know.

Quality Matters has been our byword since 1991 and we strive to achieve this in all that we do.

The official blog for independent Management Training
Consultancy, Quality Matters Limited.