The revised standards for Quality and Environment, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were published in September of 2015 and it was decided that there would be a three-year transition period for organisations certificated to the old standards. 

September 2018 seems a long way off but it is important to remember that the systems must be transitioned and a period of operation allowed before the actual transition can be carried out.  This means that any organisation leaving it all to the last-minute risks having their certification cancelled if the transition assessment stages are not complete and any non-conforming elements corrected and accepted by the certification body. 

UKAS have stated clearly that any organisation not completing all the stages by 14 September 2018 will automatically be de-registered.   There can be no extension and no grace period will be permitted.

Organisations not meeting the deadline will lose their certification and will have to make a fresh application for assessment and certification; this will take a considerable time to achieve and of course there would be a break in certification.  Organisations that need ISO9001 and/or ISO14001 as a prerequisite for tenders or contracts may find that business is lost.

Organisations holding the Aerospace Standards, AS 9100, AS 9110 and AS 9120 will also need to transition to the latest Standards, but these were published at the end of 2016.  Sadly the drop dead date for these Standards has been aligned with the ISO Standards and will require all the transition to be completed in under two years for 14 September 2018.  In addition, no assessment or surveillance may be carried out to the old Standards after June 2017.

We all have a busy time ahead.

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