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Covid-19 Pandemic

18th March 2020

The current situation with the pandemic affecting large parts of the world and the plethora of real and fake news on the subject is flooding the media.

We at Quality Matters are closely monitoring the Government press releases and information from (WHO) the World Health Organisation and the (NHS) the National Health Service and are following their guidance.

Where we are planning to visit clients, we inform them that we have not been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of the virus and ask them if anyone in their organisation has been exposed. If there is any risk, we will postpone our visit. In the event that we become infected we will immediately self-isolate to stop spreading the infection.

While away from the office, we carry hand sanitiser and use it several times per day to ensure that we do not pick up the virus from hard surfaces, this is in addition to frequent handwashing.

In our office we have procedures in place to clean surfaces and enforce frequent handwashing. There is a notice on the outside of the building instructing visitors not to enter the building if they have been exposed to the virus or have travelled from the notified hot spots.

However, we endeavour to make sure it is business as usual and we may be contacted by phone or email to provide our usual high level of service, visits will take place as scheduled.

We hope that the outbreak will be brief but have taken all reasonable precautions to protect our clients and staff.

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