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Confidence Returning: Applications for ISO 9001 up again

17th February 2020

Following our exit from the EU there has been a return to confidence in our economy.

One of the bellwethers to confidence is the number of organisations looking to ISO 9001. This Quality Management Standard is now the most popular standard in the world, but in the last couple of years applications were put on hold as organisations were unsure about the additional expenditure and controls necessary for this standard.

The CBI have reported a return to confidence and this is reflected in the number of enquiries received in our office.

ISO 9001 is an outward sign that an organisation is committed to quality and is prepared to allow an external body to examine their quality management system. A system which meets the strict criteria will be awarded a certificate of compliance. A certificate which is awarded by an accredited certification body (UKAS in the UK) is recognised worldwide.

More and more ISO9001 is seen as a prerequisite for tender entry. If an organisation does not have 9001 then any tender application is likely to fail at the first hurdle.

We can help organisations to achieve the requirements of ISO 9001 with ease of use and minimal paperwork as a requirement. Our services are guaranteed, of course, and with the company in its 29th year we can back up our claims.

It normally takes a minimum, of six months from the start of a project, to achieve formal certification. The system must be capable of audit and any assessor must audit what is being done rather than what is planned.

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