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The Future of Management Standards after Brexit?

26th November 2019

The approaching General Election and new Government will set the scene for 2020.

If there is a Labour Government then we are in for more delay and uncertainty, further delays and the prospect of another referendum will mean that business is unwilling to invest in plant, machinery and staff given that we will not know whether we are leaving or staying in the EU.

If there is a Conservative Government then it is possible that we will leave the EU in January 2020, but the long-term trading with the EU is still to be determined. However, we will be able to negotiate trade deals with countries outside the EU.

There is much speculation on the outcome of both the Election and our future relationship with Europe and the rest of the world. All we can hope is that some degree of future planning will enable business to plan ahead.

I am often asked about the future of our management standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and others after we leave the EU; the answer is simple, the standards are British, European and International and will continue to apply throughout the world regardless of our status within the EU. Once certificated, companies will have their credentials recognised worldwide, as they are now.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that some common sense will prevail following the Election results.

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