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Payback Time for Telephone Scammers

11th November 2019

We are sure that you are as fed up as we are with the daily, and sometimes more frequent, telephone calls that are either silent and short-lived or are from someone claiming to be from BT, Virgin, Microsoft etc offering to help with virus removal or warning that interment connection is about to be disconnected.

Recently the same Indian sounding woman called our office claiming to be from BT, then again from Virgin and later the same day from TalkTalk.

When I said I recognised her voice she rang off only to call again later claiming to be from O2. I usually try to be polite but on this occasion I was pretty rude. I know they are only doing their job and for a very low wage but it is very irritating.

The good news is that the Indian Police have raided a number of call centres where these scam calls originate and have arrested people, seized computer equipment and closed down a good number of these call centres.

We think that stopping these scam calls should be treated as a priority as well as outlawing the cloning of UK telephone numbers to make it look as though the call is coming from the UK.

Our ICO (Information Commissioners Office) is looking at ways to stop calls originating from within the UK but is powerless to stop calls from the rest of the world.

This unnecessary drain on time and resources that businesses are having to expend is placing a strain on already difficult times.

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