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Not another phone scam

3rd September 2019

The scammers are getting really creative.

The latest type is again from an Indian sounding woman saying that she understands that businesses have been getting scam calls about withdrawal of internet services or cessation of computer systems and this is an information call to warn users to be aware.

She kindly suggests that she has a system which will block these calls and all that is needed is a credit card number and authorisation code or details to set up a direct debit.

There has been a huge increase in these types of calls and clearly, they must have been successful or it simply wouldn’t pay.

We can’t wait to see what the next iteration will sound like.

If in doubt put the phone down. A genuine caller will call again.

One response to “Not another phone scam”

  1. Susan Widlake says:

    Ah yes! I had exactly this call, and the person on the phone started referencing GDPR to me. When I asked how she had got my number, she said they had bought it. So I asked for the details of their data controller for GDPR. At this she swore at me and hung up!

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