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Environmental Issues and Carbon Footprint

29th July 2019

The evidence of climate change is getting stronger with every passing year. Extremes of weather patterns are becoming more frequent. The once in a hundred years events are now being re-classified as once in a decade.
Here are some simple ways you can do to help and to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Unplug or turn off mobile phone chargers and other devices when not in use;
  • Don’t leave TV, Computer, Games Consoles, etc on standby;
  • Replace ordinary bulbs with L.E.D types;
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room unattended or have automatic movement detection type;
  • Turn down heating by one degree;
  • Don’t have air-conditioning and heating on at the same time;
  • Reduce water consumption by installing dual flush toilets;
  • Don’t wash/rinse items under running water;
  • Walk or cycle where possible;
  • If you must drive, then drive a low CO2 type of vehicle or better still an electric or hybrid
  • If you need to attend meetings at other organisations, then car share.

Measure your carbon footprint using a calculator. Here is a free to use one

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