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13th May 2019

We at Quality Matters get through a good amount of paper and printing each month so it was a nuisance when our two year old Xerox Colorqube printer started to display tramlines down the centre of the print. We have had Xerox solid ink printers for some time and have found them to be excellent in terms of print quality and cost per page.

Some time ago we had a fault where the paper would not feed from tray two and jammed.

A local printer engineer tried to fix the problem but after replacing several parts over three visits gave up.  We would have to live with it, we were reluctant to user this organisation again.

We tried looking up printer repair organisations on Google and the first two said that they did not repair Xerox solid ink printers.  We then tried a company called Teffont Business Systems (based in Bristol, but with engineers countrywide). They do repair a wide range of printers, including Xerox.

A visit from one of their engineers was arranged. Rob arrived on time having telephoned to say he was on his way.  On arrival Rob quickly diagnosed the problem as being a drum wiper blade.  He also fixed the problem with tray two by cleaning and restoring the feed rubber on tray two.

 A part would be needed for the print problem and this would be sent direct to our offices, ready for the engineer to fit.  The price for the part was considerably cheaper than the price we could find on the internet.

The part arrived next day (on Friday) and the following Monday Rob arrived, again on time, to fit the part.  The printer is now fully functional.

We believe that good service should be rewarded and we have no hesitation in recommending Teffont and engineer Rob to our clients.

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