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Brexit – Broken

28th May 2019

It is over two years since the country voted to leave the European Union but it is still on hold as our elected politicians cannot get their act together.

We were promised a date at the end of March, then the end of May and now a long stop date of end of October.

We are sure that business is fed up to the back teeth with all the uncertainty and additional costs that the delay has caused.  The additional ferries which were contracted to bring in supplies in the event of a no deal have been cancelled.  The cost is something in the region of ten million pounds with other measures being put on hold or cancelled at enormous cost.

We have not been told what the additional costs are to be imposed by Brussels for the continuing delays, but it will not be insubstantial.

Some of our clients have been stockpiling goods to offset potential shortages but some of these goods will have a short shelf-life and may well end up being discarded.

Many UK companies are holding off on decisions which involve expenditure because of the delays and uncertainty.  The overall cost to British business will be huge.

We are probably facing a major downturn in the economy.  Time will tell!  The only benefit is the low value of the pound which makes our exports attractive.

Enough said.  You are probably as fed up as we are hearing the word “BREXIT”. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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