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Aerospace and Defence Standards update

26th September 2016

IAQG have finally announced the timetable for release and transition of the AS 91xx: 2016 Standards.

AS9100 :2016 Aerospace and Defence Standard released for publication in all sectors on
23 September 2016

AS9101:2016  QMS audit Standard, AS9110:2016  Maintenance QMS  and AS 9120:2016 Distributor QMS  to be released for publication in all sectors in October 2016.

It is important to note that any audit carried out from June 2017 must be to the 9100:2016, 9110:2016  or 9120 : 2016 standards.  That does make the timescale rather short.

Any organisation not transitioning to the 2016 standards by 15 September 2018 will no longer hold a valid certificate.

The revised Standards are based on the updated ISO 9001:2015 Standard and Annex SL (10 Section format) but with additional requirements.

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