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Just in Case

2nd June 2015

I drive an awful lot of miles each year and replace my car on average each two and a half years; pot holes and carelessly discarded bolts, nails and other metal parts inevitably mean that at some time during the life of a car I will get a flat tyre.  Nowadays most cars have a can of sealant rather than a spare wheel; sadly the sealant will only work with a very small hole in a tyre, and certainly not in the tyre wall.

I remember the last time I had a flat tyre it was dark, raining and I was miles from anywhere.  The magic can of sealant did not work as the hole was too big. It seemed hours before the breakdown truck arrived only to be told that the tyre had to be replaced as it was irreparable.

I decided that I should invest in a spare wheel.  Honda sell a thin spare wheel which sits in the bottom of the boot.  The 2013 and onward Honda Civics also do not have a jack, wheel brace and tools as standard.

I am now confident that the additional weight in my car of a spare wheel, jack and tools, will be worth the cost and effort if I get a puncture. 

We help organisations to incorporate various management standards to reduce risk and apply continual improvement in their businesses and if they did not carry out risk assessment then they would potentially be vulnerable.  I wonder if businesses needed ‘a spare wheel’ would they have a can of sealant instead;  I think not.

There is work in hand to review the existing Standard BS OHSAS 18001 (Operational Health and Safety Standard) and upgrade it to be a full health and safety standard; It will be an ISO Standard,    ISO 45001 probably due for publication in 2017/18.

If the committee developing the standard needs ‘a spare wheel’ then I am as certain as I can be it will provide one rather than a can of gunk.

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