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Anti Virus Protection

15th July 2013

I am fairly competent with computer systems  so you can imagine how I felt when the main office computer refused to boot up.  I tried ‘safe mode’, repair disk and all other  methods to get it up and running, but to no avail.

Reluctantly I took the machine to a local repair shop.  I did ask the technician to sign a non disclosure agreement before parting with the machine.

When I went to collect the machine I was astounded to hear that it was a virus that had incapacitated the computer.  This should not have happened as all our machines are installed with a very well-known anti-virus and anti-malware suite.     

The technician explained that the virus had simply turned off our anti virus software and then infected the computer.  No warning was given that AV was not functioning.

I believed our systems were safe and I asked the technician what the virus was and how it had affected the security of our systems;  fortunately none of our sensitive data had been affected and the virus was more infuriating than malicious.

Sensitive and Client data is encrypted using 256-bit AES so is pretty well protected.
A full review of our security systems took place and it was decided that we should install Windows Security Essentials on all our systems; this has a number of advantages;

  1. WSE is subscription free and updates are controlled by Microsoft.
  2. It was WSE, the technician had installed on this computer, which resulted in the virus being detected.
  3. WSE is not as resource hungry as our old anti-virus system.

Naturally our old antivirus and anti-malware was removed.  Two anti-virus systems running at the same time can cause problems.

A full scan of all data systems has been carried out and  our firewall systems have been scanned and  intrusion testing has been carried out.

Our systems are ‘fingers crossed’ once again very secure.

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One response to “Anti Virus Protection”

  1. nancy john says:

    My recommendation to users is that always used paid antivirus because these commercial products having more features then free antivirus

    get rid of Security Shield

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