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Continual Improvement and ISO9001

3rd February 2010

Could it be that we are coming out of recession?  The messages are rather mixed at the moment, with one publication saying that we are still mired in recession and other saying that these mystical green shoots of recovery are showing.

One indication that we may be coming to the end of recession is the increasing interest in ISO9001 by companies of all types.  It is pleasing to note that manufacturing companies are seeing an increase in demand for their products and want to maximise this effect.  Continual improvement is the slogan for 2010 along with increased efficiencies. 

ISO9001 has been the single most successful standard throughout the world, with more certifications that any other standard.  Companies without ISO9001 are now looking to achieve certification to remain competitive.  Indeed ISO9001 is an entry qualification for a good number of tenders/PQQ’s (pre qualification questionnaires).

Then process for achieving 9001 is reasonable straight forward and if set up correctly will enhance the company’s activities, provide structured reporting and enable the company to compete on equal terms.
Here at Quality Matters we have been putting quality systems into place since 1991 and our proud boast is that every company using our services has achieved an ISO 9001 pass at assessment and at the first attempt.
We are pleased to discuss your requirements and explain how 9001 can help you and your organisation, together with costs and a timescale.

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