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Basic Computer Security

27th January 2007

Many businesses are considering the introduction of ISO27001 – Information Security Management – as part of their strategic plan to protect computer and other records from unwanted disclosure or misuse.

Other organisations should consider basic security on their computer systems however, it is surprising that really basic security measures on desktop and laptops isn’t always being used.

Here are 10 basic security precautions:

  1. Always set the option to force a user to press CTL- ALT-DEL before logging on
  2. Passwords should be at least six characters long and contain letters and numbers
  3. Don’t use your name, your partners name or the name of a pet as a password
  4. Don’t write the password on a post-it note and stick it to the screen or under the keyboard
  5. Passwords should be changed regularly
  6. Don’t share your password with anyone
  7. Use antivirus software and keep it up to date
  8. Use an anti spyware programme regularly
  9. Turn on the inbuilt firewall ( Windows XP and later machines)
  10. When leaving the desktop or laptop unattended, lock the system by pressing the windows button and L.

Better safe than sorry

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